The NACOS USER M caters to the needs of technical personnel i.e. IT Officers, ETOs (Electrotechnical Officers) and all other personnel involved in the technical maintenance of NACOS systems. The course develops systems and unit level technical knowledge, focussing on repair measures and procedures in case of operational breakdowns. Thus, the training offers the opportunity to reduce through-life costs via developing the vessel’s organic maintenance ability as well as providing trained technical personnel to maintain optimal system performance and vessel security.

Due to the technical nature of the course it is a pre-requisite that attendees have an electrotechnical education and a good command of English. The NACOS USER M syllabus can be tailored to the requirements of the student and contracting party. The standard course content is based around maintenance operation of Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Radar-,Multipilot 1x00, Radar-, Multipilot Platinum, Chartpilot and ECDISPILOT. 

The course is held at the SAM Training Centre for durations of up to 5 days and provides hands-on experience on live equipment to provide one-to-one replication of actual onboard systems.

The Wärtsilä SAM Training Centre can provide the NACOS USER M training course by the use of a mobile training set. With this training set at a suitable location of your own choice.