Aimed at beginners who require familiarization with the operation of Wärtsilä SAM Electronics navigation systems NACOS and NACOS Platinum with its constituents components i.e. the Wärtsilä SAM ECDIS solutions Chartpilot and ECDISPILOT Platinum or the Radarpilot and Radarpilot Platinum, Chartradar, Multipilot 1x00 and Multipilot Platinum and finally the TRACKPILOT (Track Control System) and SPEEDPILOT solutions for former NACOS and the new NACOS Platinum generation.

The course focuses on familiarization with the functional principles of these standard components, which are extensively demonstrated. The course is supported by highly experienced instructors and hand-on exercises of all components including the Wärtsilä SAM NACOS ship’s course and speed control systems TRACKPILOT and SPEEDPILOT.

If requested the course can conclude with a 2 part examination. This can either be conducted on an individual basis or as a team, with successful participation resulting in the award of a certificate.