Engineering & Consulting

Engineering has to take into consideration that the electrical system is part of the system ship. Even if normally engineering is part of the electrical system, in special cases engineering as part of a package or stand alone may be offered. Also consulting or assistance in preparation of an inquiry specification can be delivered. 

Basic Design

  • Power distribution concept
  • Preliminary short circuit calculation
  • Preliminary load balance
  • Concepts for technical rooms
  • Cable way routing

Detailed Design

  • Detailed power distribution concept
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Load balance
  • Interfaces between systems
  • Cable engineering (see cable network installation)
  • Lighting system design (see lighting system)
  • Clarification of measuring point list and mimic diagrams for alarm and control systems
  • Mechanical integration of electrical equipment
  • Approval documentation for classification society
  • Documentation


  • Consulting for power distribution concept (depending on demands and short circuit level and voltage level)
  • Concept for electrical drive systems
  • Specifications for electrical systems in connection with ship design and owners request
  • Supervising for cable installation