Design & Planning

The success of a project depends to a large degree on professional project management and monitoring. Therefore, the overall project management will be assigned to an experienced project manager who is embedded into a project team with full responsibility for proper fulfillment of a contract.

The design has to comply with all requirements applied to the vessel in order to achieve the contracted performance and to provide the desired functionalities. Therefore the design has to be made in close cooperation with the shipyard and its subcontractors. We have established the know-how and experience to coordinate and interface all electrical systems and subsystems to achieve the technical goal.

  • Project management
  • Responsibility matrix
  • Project schedule
  • Power distribution concept
  • Load balance
  • Basic and detailed design
  • Interface engineering (also for products and systems of third parties)
  • Clarification of measuring points (list of measuring points)
  • Clarification of mimic diagrams
  • Authority and classification approvals