Protection System

Generator Protection Module GPM500

The microprocessor based Generator Protection System GPM500 performs the protection and control of medium and low voltage generators and networks. The GPM500 can be operated as stand alone or in combination with other GPM500 communicating via data bus. Generally each application (e.g. generator, coupling circuit breaker, etc.) requires its own GPM500 for protection.

  • Operation, control and monitoring of all important generator data, status indication of circuit breakers and alarms
  • Integrated power management functions
  • Simple parameter setting onsite (password protected)
  • Online visualisation of plc-process functions
  • Generator/ships main supply protection and control functions
  • Interfaces to external monitoring and control systems
  • Integrated plc for free programmable functions and controls (programming according to IEC 1131)
  • Also with transformer, bus-tie-breaker and motor protection functions available

The GPM500 is mainly intended for the protection and control of the following listed applications:

  • Diesel generators
  • Shaft generators
  • Emergency generators
  • Coupling circuit breakers
  • Transfer line circuit breakers
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Shore connections
  • Filters
  • HR grounding