SAM4642 and SLS4120 combination to fulfill carriage requirements

SOLAS adoption for carriage requirement resolution MSC.334(90) states that all ships constructed on or after 1 July 2014 and ≥ 50.000 GT are required to carry a separate speed log for measuring speed over the ground(SOG) additional to the speed through water log (STW).

The SAM4642 EM-Log (STW) and SLS4120 Satlog (SOG) combination is a cost-efficient and type approved solution to fulfill these requirements.


  • Only one underwater transducer for the EM-Log is needed to determine the speed through water, the speed over ground is calculated using solely the GPS component.
  • Compared to conventional log systems our SATLOG SLS 4120 provides you with speed over ground information independent of water depth.