SATLOG SLS 4120 - Speed Log System

The SATLOG SLS 4120 is a cost-efficient and type-approved solution to fulfill the latest regulations for Speed and Distance Measuring Equipment onboard vessels ≥ 50,000 GT when combined with a water track log. Selected EM-logs can be combined with the Speed Log System (SLS) for displaying the water track and/or the bottom track data on one repeater, see solution for advantages and details.

The SLS 4120 can be used for any other type of vessel as a bottom track speed log independently.


  • No bottom parts involved
  • No calibration required
  • Provides speed over ground information independent of water depth

      Standard Features

      • Standard speed accuracy of 0.2 knots
      • Speed accuracy of 0.1 knots in differential mode
      • Multitrack differential beacon receiver
      • Comfortable configuration, maintenance and update of the SLS 4120 via the integrated web interface using web browser
      • Ready for remote maintenance due to the Ethernet interface
      • Integrated 24 V DC power supply for external components