Based on our proven navigation system NACOS Platinum Wärtsilä SAM Electronics has developed further the MULTIPILOT Platinum for use in demanding environments and with the possibility of extended interfacing for the needs onboard military and coast guard vessels. The MULTIPILOT Platinum-N has been successfully introduced to the German Navy and is installed onboard the frigates F124 Sachsen class.

The MULTIPILOT Platinum-N integrates a type-approved radar, chartradar, ECDIS (with radar overlay) and conning in one workstation. Our system supports all necessary navigation information which can be displayed at only one location. Software functionalities especially designed for naval purposes are available, e.g. target overlay with STANAG symbols, target intercept, helicopter approach, station keeping, gunnery safety sectors.

Up to four of our IP-radar antenna signals can be displayed as one merged picture on the PPI, fully type approved as an ARPA radar.

The rotation speed of the radar antenna can be doubled by the operator up to 60 rpm for an optimized tracking of fast targets and helicopters.

Our hardware interfaces enable blanking trigger signals for ECM/ECCM or transponder connections for rigid-inflatable boat RIB or others.