Electrical Platform Systems

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics is one of the leading companies for providing Integrated System Solutions for Electrical Platform Systems on naval vessels. Our scope covers the planning, design, manufacturing and integration of the electrical platform system on a turnkey basis.

We are prepared to enter into contractual partnerships with shipyards in order to provide the required technical support and know-how for achieving the overall project goal concerning technical performance, time schedule and costs. Our competence on these particular areas was demonstrated by participation in all major projects of the German Navy during the last two decades.

The Electrical Platform System (EPS) is an essential part of the ship and the design has to comply with all requirements applied to the vessel in order to achieve the contracted performance and to provide the desired functionalities. Therefore, the design of the EPS has to be made in close cooperation with the shipyard and its subcontractors. We have established the know-how and experience to coordinate and interface all electrical systems and subsystems to achieve the technical goal.

For further information about our scope of responsibilities for the named projects, please refer to the detailed project information: