Magnetic Modelling of Ships

Our workstation DEG-CAD is a computer-supported design tool for magnetic modelling of ships. It permits prediction of the magnetic behaviour of the vessel already during an early design stage.

In addition DEG-CAD provides algorithms for calculation of the degaussing coil system on the respective vessel and allows a forecast of the ship´s degaussed condition.

DEG-CAD provides excellent support to the naval architect in the design stage of the vessel in order to predict the expected magnetic signature of the ship. The tool further allows immediate verification of design changes concerning their magnetic effects.


Compared to conventional procedures using physical models DEG-CAD with its dipole modelling methods provides considerable advantages as there are:

  • Cost-effective generation of the model within a short time
  • Easy implementation of design changes
  • High modelling accuracy
  • Coil design capabilities
  • No supportive test tools, e.g. model ranges, etc. are required.