Flexibility of Container Solution

A containerised approach is particularly versatile since it is readily adaptable for both newbuilding and retrofit applications. A container solution as featured by a SAMCon SCS-C40 system, for instance, allows for fully-protected shore connection equipment to be housed within a secure, dry location. Container design is based on a standard 40ft-high box-type cube, suitably modified to include insulation, heating, dehumidifier, fire detection facilities. For use on either port or starboard sides of a vessel, a unit in turn features two outlets for a shore connection cable.

A further advantage of a containerised system is that it minimises any required  onboard modification work while also, in the case of retrofit applications, reducing any conversion time. Containers themselves are functionally factory-tested and supplied with a CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) certificate; they are also conform to classification society requirements.

As a result of a flexible design concept, containers can be used for both medium-voltage (6600V) and low-voltage applications. For low-voltage requirements, a step-down transformer for adapting shore voltage to that of a vessel can be installed either inside a container or within its immediate vicinity (say, a steering gear room).

Development of the Wärtsilä SAM Electronics’ shore connection solution SAMCon for all types of vessel application naturally includes a particular emphasis on simplicity and safety of operation. Thus a system is inherently intuitive, providing simplified step-by-step procedures - all of them self-explanatory sufficient for one-man operation. Similarly, elaborate safety precautions ensure that connection and disconnection operations can only be carried out under earthed conditions.

The combination of single-manned operation and practical earthing provisions ensure significant reductions in labour costs while at the same time facilitating maximum system flexibility and availability. That availability extends equally to SAM’s in-house provision of engineering know-how covering not only supply of systems but also the means for cable tray and cable routing and switchboard modification along with all other services necessary for final integration, including commissioning at shore connection points.