SP3500 - The Portable Radiotelephone Series

The new powerful and robust SP3510, SP3515, SP3520 VHF GMDSS and SP3550 - portable radios for the professional user!

The SP3500 series are user-friendly designed communication tools to meet the high requirements of a durable VHF for the professional seaman:
SP3510 - Portable VHF
SP3515 - Portable VHF with scrambler and CTCSS
SP3520 - Portable VHF GMDSS
SP3550 - Portable UHF

All models are in sturdy waterproof designs that ensures reliable communication even under the harsh conditions at sea.


All radios in the SP3500 portable series offer the advanced features that can be expected from a professional portable radio. The following features and many more are all standard in this series.

  • Dual watch, triple watch and scanning
  • Additional channels programmable
  • Ruggedized design for tough conditions
  • Big easy-to-read display with red backlight
  • Dimming and backlight control
  • Battery indicator and battery saving functions
  • Large tactile buttons
  • Excellent powerful sound
  • Waterproof (IP67)

SP35X0 ATEX - Portable Radiotelephone Series

The ATEX portable series is part of the SP3500 family, which features seven models covering all maritime applications. There are three high-quality, durable ATEX models specifically designed for use in dangerous offshore and tanker environment, whilst at the same time offering superb value.

SP3530 - Portable VHF ATEX radio
SP3540 - Portable VHF ATEX GMDSS radio
SP3560 - Portable UHF ATEX radio

All three feature powerful transceivers and high quality audio ensuring that all parties can be heard loud and clear even when working in windy and noisy conditions.


  • Robust design
  • Waterproof (IP67) large display
  • Clear sound
  • Large tactile buttons
  • Ribbed grip
  • Interface supporting external accessories, e.g. ATEX hand microphone 3595