Inmarsat FleetBroadband TT-3740A and TT-3742A Inmarsat Satellite Terminals

Inmarsat FleetBroadband is the first maritime communications service to provide cost-effective broadband data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a global basis.

It takes seafarers into the world of broadband Internet and Standard IP applications. But if you're not quite ready to move to IP, it still supports the core ISDN capability of our existing services.

The operational systems is set by default to run online to enable email communications, Internet access and making phone calls in parallel - all via a single terminal.

TT-3742A (FB250)

Offers speeds for Standard IP up to 284 kbps and for
streaming IP up to 128 kbps.

TT-3740A (FB500)

Offers ISDN capability and provides speeds for Standard IP up to 432 kbps (almost seven times faster than the known standard Fleet77 systems) and streaming IP up to 256 kbps.

The increased bandwidth and full Internet access provides exciting new opportunities:

Crew Welfare

  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • News from home

Cost Reductions

  • ECDIS – update charts and get weather information online by downloading software
  • Minimize travelling technicians by carrying out remote diagnostics over the air

Commercial Applications

  • Seamless integration of office applications onboard
  • Improve ships logistics via online procurement from the ship
  • Support damage assessments (video, photos, reports)
  • 24/7 connection to your company's network


  • Off-the-shelf cameras for surveillance