MCS Platinum - Monitoring and Control Systems

The Wärtsilä SAM Electronics MCS Platinum series is dedicated to improving ship operations via increased safety and reliabilty.

  • Machinery alarm and monitoring for every type of vessel
  • Integrated or stand-alone cargo alarm system for tankers


  • High-resolution graphics and modern software design
  • Wide selection of high-resolution displays
  • Operator panels for console/bulkhead mounting
  • Field station for process IO’s in a variety of sizes
  • Process IO’s and controllers integrable into switchboards, bridge consoles etc.
  • Alarm/log/event printer (dot-matrix)
  • Graphical printer for reports/graphs trending
  • Type approved by major class societies within IACS
  • Duty alarm system, engineer call system
  • Bridge watch alarm system, including navigator fitness check according to MSC.128(75)
  • Standard interfaces/protocols by RS-485/RS-422 to all major marine suppliers
  • Stand-alone or integrated with other Platinum series products
  • Redundant LAN network or fieldbus for long distances


  • Cargo Monitoring System (CMS)
  • Power Management System (PMS)
  • Emergency Shut Down System (ESDS)
  • Remote maintenance function
  • Complete integration of:
    - Propulsion Control System (PCS)
    - Engine Governor System (EGS)
    - Ballast Water Management
    - Anti-Heeling System
    - Fire Detection System
    - HVAC System
    - Dedicated ship-specific functions