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Propulsion Systems

Electric propulsion systems are provided on ships with special
requirements with the additional advantage of essential higher

reliability, dependability and availability by redundant
configuration. They are based on the principle of speed

controlled synchronous, asynchronous or direct current (DC)
motors driving the propeller directly or via gear. The most
reliable and low noise design is the direct drive.

Propulsion for Cruise Liners and Ferries

Propulsion with Podded Drives (Podded Propulsion)

Propulsion for Research and Survey as well as Fishery
Supervision Vessels

Propulsion for Multipurpose Vessels and Icebreakers

Propulsion for Offshore, Pilot, Cable and Pipe
Laying as well as Heavy Lift Jack-up Vessels

Combined Shaft Motor Drives and
Shaft Alternator Systems

Thruster Drive Systems

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Synchro-converter fed
propulsion motor

onboard Cruise liner
"Norwegian Sun"


Diesel-Electric Propulsion
Systems - 1.9 MB pdf

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